Sunday, 10 February 2008


In observing the current Alice-Through-the-Looking-glass world of "New" Labour, I will make some predictions as to how this monstrous waste of police time is tackled:-

Jacqui "Let's fine everybody £1000" Smith our lights-out-but-nobody's-Home-Secretary-of-the-Week will announce the formation of a new Quango, the Police Regulation Attainment Taskforce (PRAT).

PRAT will then immediately take on 500 staff to carry out an "extensive reappraisal" of police functions via a 200 page survey on each and every PC, PCSO and civilian staff.

In addition, all officers at any level will have to fill out an additional PRAT form for every arrest or stop, that will be used to assess the effectiveness of current forms as well as the efficacy of the new PRAT form.

It will become mandatory for local police chiefs to then collate this information on a monthly basis, via a new team of PRAT-monitoring officers in order to feed this via PRAT-Central to a new department within the Home Office and thence to a new junior PRAT-Minister reporting directly to the Home Secretary.

Needless to say, there will be pressure for widening the scope of PRAT to include the Justice Ministry and any other departments that have any form of contact with policing.

Therefore PRAT will demand that similar operations are set up within other ministries.

The result should be that once all appropriate ministries have their own PRAT ensconced, it should theoretically allow all PRATs to liase on a common basis to work to a common goal of putting PRATS at every level of government from parish councils upwards.

Due to system incompatibilities and intense jockeying between departments, coordination could be difficult, with the result that PRAT will require a overarching and dedicated Police Ministry to be set up and that will be separated from the Home Office. The new Department of Police Executive (DoPE) will be a cabinet level portfolio with the creation of the new post of DoPE Secretary and for which there are any number of experienced potential DoPEs on the government benches

With the inevitable difficulties and cost overruns and implications, the Prime Minister will then take "Personal Charge" and will appoint a well connected lawyer or think-tank head to lead a coordinating body the Central Response Action Panel (CRAP) that will deal with all of the PRATs in government and pull together the disparate information allowing the lights-on-but-nobody-Home-Secretary-of-the-Week to conclude that the police are seriously understaffed to deal with day to day policing and that a new body be set up to work with the police to try to identify the problems by 2050 etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc........... or until the Sun goes nova, whichever is the latter...


Wednesday, 6 February 2008


So here it is, another junk idea from Caroline Flint the new Minister for whatever she happens to be this week. Such is the paucity of what passes for talent in Comrade PM Brown's "premiere" team, that a reshuffle is really just that, but without the advantage that a pack of cards has, fifty two choices.

What "New" Labour has are several completely blank cards to be filled in as and when, and without even the luxury of the two jokers in a normal pack, there being just one, the humourless Sub-Prime Minister himself. Although the description "Joker" may be pushing it a bit, and for that I apologise.

Ms Flint, whose name perfectly fits her hard puritanical manner, has come up with this brilliant "idea" that those in Council accomodation who are not employed, could lose their homes for failing to take a job.

Now I am the first to admit that there are too many lazy male condom-averse playstation/nintendo jockeys and subsidised yoyo-knickered career sprog poppers, currently sponging off the taxpayer, but this latest eyewatering bollocks is shot full with more holes than Alistair Brown err... Gordon Darling's last budget.

All that will happen is that those so evicted will have to be given "emergency" housing that is far more expensive than their current accomodation. And what accomodation would this be?? The "Bed and Breakfast" that Labour, before it became "New", was determined to remove....

And let's not forget the "Human Rights Act" angle that gives us the human right to a roof over our heads. And in that last sentence, could lie a clue as to Flinty's idea for us all, because the "Right" is for A roof over your head, not YOUR roof, implying that any old roof will do.

So what "roof" could it be?? Answer! It could be ANY old roof and with the wording of such gems as the Civil Contingencies Act, could be a "reception centre".

The trouble is that "reception centre" is a meaningless term and could be used to describe a block of temporary flats, a workhouse, a dormitory, a hostel, a prison, or a work/concentration camp.

Sorry to sound alarmist, but from this lying, puritanical, dangerous, scapegoating, Stalinist, bastard government's record, absolutely anything is possible. Emboldened by our craven capitulation to the smoking ban, hunting ban, war-on-motorists, rights of entry, Congestion charging, Low Emission Zones etc. I would put NOTHING past the lunatic bastards curremtly running this asylum.

Hopefully Ms Flint will strike enough sparks on the hopefully steely British so that she and her fascist Labour ilk are voted out for the foreseeable future. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Just when you thought we could have a lull in the incessant carping by the MentalEnvironists and the RedGreens, it all starts up again.

The latest piece of climate-garbage emanates from that arch waster of resources, the Eutopean Parliament.

Hold onto your hats folks, here it is..................................

They are set to back a resolution to ban Pub patio heaters. Yep, you did read that correctly. The worst aspect of this ill-considered codswallop is that even real environmental experts such as Eric Johnson, states that btheir impact on global warming is "very minimal".

"Very minimal", it has NO BLOODY IMPACT AT ALL, none, zilch, nada, bugger-all, zero... The whole shooting match is driven by the SUN and to a lesser vextent by vulcanism, end of story.

But there are a lot of lying bastards out there, who are very keen to keep us in a permanent state of fear, as by doing so they keep their inflated tax-funded grants and justify sky-high confiscatory taxation on all and everything we do.

If some of these pillocks were REALLY concerned about "the environment" or wastage of enercy, they could hardly do better than to look closer to home. I refer to the latest innovation, DIGITAL TV AND RADIO.

Have you actually looked at the power consumption (wattage) of your domestic equipment?? No?
Well I have and it is very sobering.

Over the next four years we will be seeing the big "switch over" from analogue to digital TV, and that is where the problem lies. Digital circuitry uses far more energy and generates far more heat than the "old" analogue equipment.

Looking at my own gear, my 26" Panasonoc CRT TV consumes 74watts (1watt on standby), with most of that taken up by the tube. The good old VHS video recorder 18watts and 0.5watts on standby.

My Panasonic DVD recorder with freeview is 28watts and 1watt respectively Start multiplying this by several million as the rollout continues.

The average 32" widescreen LCD TV uses upwards of 160watts, thats 2.25 times my "old fashioned" TV.

Have you seen how quickly the new DAB radios gobble up batteries as opposed to good old FM or AM, and the mains ones run quite warm.

Methinks someone is telling porky-pies.............. Oh yes, and add in all of those "home cinema" systems with their amplifiers and powered sub-woofers, another 100watts minimum.

Whie the middle classes are squeezed with higher Council tax, congestion charging, insurances, energy etc. the benefit classes are often the most wasteful of all. All of that "free" money, compliments of the mugged taxpayer, has no perceived value, which is why recycling and energy saving, are worst on council estates. And which areas are the highest consumers of expensive takeaways, all on other peoples' money.

What I am saying, is that for all of the "Green" blurb, it is anything but, especially at a time of drastically rising energy costs. And for the Great Clunking Fist to go on about appliances left on standby, the prudent "son of the manse" Mr. Brown, doesn't have a clue.

Go around your home and add up the wattage of all of your lights, sandwich grills, microwaves, kettles, power-showers, computers, stereo equipment, toasters, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, fridges, freezers, hobs, irons and then ask yourself one simple question. Will banning a few pub patio heaters make a blind bit of difference?

So while the Euro-Clods tilt at wind-turbines regarding pub patio heaters, spare a thought for the real energy waste of our new and "Green" energy efficient, "modern" digital systems. Better still, repeal the smoking ban and allow pubs to be either smoking OR non-smoking and get the malignant fascist excuse of a government off of our backs. That way, the demand for patio heaters will be reduced, and we won't Have to be subjected to the constant barrage of stressful Nulab propaganda.

And finally, if the European Parliament and its hangers-on are so concerned about our "carbon footprint" then perhaps they should set an example by not relocating between Brussells and Strasbourg several times a year with the appalling costs and energy totally wasted by this charade. When our bureaucrats, MEPs, MPs and the rest of the rotten crowd lead by example, then and ONLY then should we bother to pay any heed to their outpourings.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I cannot be the only one to have noticed the veritable barrage of Government propaganda, adverts and media bullying that assaults our senses every day.

First there is the bullying regarding paying your bloody income tax on time. I am sure that Adam Hart davis is a thoroughly decent man, but he has become Gordon Brown, Alistair Invisible and HMRC's hectoring mouthpiece. Much as I normally like Adam, I am constantly willing him to be sucked to oblivion in that bloody giant hourglass. Hopefull it is a measure of the time left from Gordon the Moral Compass to disappear up his own statistical Bermuda Triangle.

Then we have the threats. The bastards from the data-flogging DVLA telling us how they will crush our cars if we don't pay the annual protection racket to drive on the Queen's potholes and roadhumps.

Next comes the Department for Whatever it Calls Itself This Week who deal with benefits. No ifs, No buts, just GET OFF OF OUR BACKS. Mind you I preferred the original campaign with the Mysterons (circles of light) following benefit cheats around.

A perennial favourite of our Commissars is to invoke our fetish and obsession with "The Children", to prick our sense of guilt. Everything revolves around bloody children, children..... If it saves ONE chiyuldddzzz life...................... So now our streets are an abstacle course of humps, lines, bollards, railings, chicanes and build-outs. With our attention taken up avoiding the obstacle course and reading the forest of useless signage, another "precious child" has been run over and the whole merry-go-round restarts.

Believe it or not I have only just got started.

SALT - Millions spent on television, radio, press and poster adverts that from the tone you would think that harmless Sodium Chloride is as dangerous as Sodium Cyanide. It's the Sodium innit??? Thde worst aspect of this piece of ill-informed nannying crap, is that people, especially children (sorry) and the elderly are suffering from salt loss in overhheated houses, hospitals and in hot weather. To the semi-literate political berks and tax-funded scientists, who endlessly yammer on about salt, any deaths from heat-stroke are down to YOU.

SMOKING - Sorry, but I am sick and tired of hearing, seeing and reading about smoking and how it is the weed of the devil, everywhere I look, everything I listen to and every TV programme I watch. And don't get me started on those effing "No Smoking" official signs on every shop window even TOBACCONISTS and, get this, the local CREMATORIUM door. If one ever needed proof that "New" Fascist Labour are akin to every graffiti chav, it is this, with their "Tag" everywhere you look, reminding us how they have infiltrated their malignant presence into every thing we do.......

ALCOHOL - And now on virtually every commercial radio station there are constaqnt ads exhorting us to "drink sensibly" and to be "drinkaware" etc... All of this trash is enough to drive you to drink.

So I have to ask our hectoring nannies in chief. How much is all of this propaganda costing the taxpayer, and how many operations, deep-cleans, cancer treatments, transplants and front line services are being jeopadized as a result?

Monday, 28 January 2008

OH BLOODY HELL...................

I've just heard on BBC Radio 2 that this week is "National Salt Awareness Week"

BRILLIANT!!! I am definitely aware that salt exists, and have been for over 50 years.

Not only that, but I have pounds of the stuff at home.

Do I get a 'stiffkit of recognition from our Dear Leader??

I propose a new National Week.....

How about:-


A bit of a mouthful, but does anyone want to back it?

I was going to suggest "Slap a Nanny Week", but it could be open to misinterpretation.


On page 4 of The Times (London), hidden away in a corner are the spoutings of yet another of the plethora of hectoring tax-greased "experts". I refuse to call these people nannies, for the very sensible reason that nannies look after people. They are bullies with a personal agenda, full stop.

Professor Martin Wiseman of the World Cancer Research Fund, although for the life of me I cannot see how this has any bearing on cancer, is calling for salt to be removed from the dinner table.

And just how does Professor Wiseman propose to achieve this? Ministry of Sodium inspectors with powers of right of entry? Perhaps a "salt tax", an idea that brought about the rapid demise of the Raj in India? How about a nice shiny new tax bloated "regulator" OfSalt.

How about banning these self-important puritans that are clogging up the arteries of our community?

There is only anecdotal and weak evidence that salt is actually harmful. Lack of salt equals death. Let's cut to the chase, salt does not CAUSE high blood pressure, although it MAY exacerbate an existing condition.

We are becoming obssessed with food-scares, elfansafetee, five-a-day, indeed anything that can be measured or written about. I am waiting for rationing to be introduced, a very socialist solution and something that could be easily enacted once we British Sheeple have our £93 Identity-Slave-Cards.

I would like to know what are the views of the good Professor regarding salt-substitutes such as Lo-Salt as this is loaded with Potassium Chloride (KCl) that is known to cause problems to those with kidney complaints. Just to make you feel better, in the USA it is part of the lethal injection used to execute prisoners, and short circuits the Central Nervous System.

What was that about "Healthy Eating"??? AND it tastes bloody disgusting....

If Professor Wossname, the plethora of hangers-on and the lying finger-wagging politicians out to make names for themselves at our expense, are genuinely concerned for our wellbeing, our stress levels and blood pressure, I have a simple solution, a cure for almost all of us that will make the world a better and gentler place.

The best "Healthy Eating" is for all of us to stop swallowing all of this scaremongering GUFF.

Get out of our homes, our cars, our schools, our lives and out of the media. Stop fiddling with our children and trying to micro-manage our families. Stop yammering interminably on about how you know what's best for us and............


If these loonies had been around in the stone-age we'd never have invented the wheel or got into, let alone out of the trees. I'm beginning to think that the Golgafrinchams from Douglas Adams' "The Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" were our real ancestors and that it is Adams as opposed to Darwin who is closer to the truth about our evolution.

Can we build another "B" Ark?


Did you read the comments by Tony McNulty MP the NuLab Police Minister?

He stated that they couldn't backdate the 2.5% police pay increase to last September. In his words "Although £30m isn't a lot of money, all of these sums add up to a lot"

He's absolutely right, it's just a shame he didn't take the same view when as a Harrow Councillor he and his colleagues all but wiped out our balances and bloated the bureacracy.

Why not the same treatment for PCSOs and police civilian staff, who are getting their pay backdated?? It wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that the latter are members of UNISON and not bound by a no-strike clause, would it? Or could it be that unlike the Police Federation, UNISON bankroll "New" Labour for a shedload of their members' cash.

But putting all of that aside, if our Tone is so concerned at watching the pennies, how come he is so happy to squander over £9 BILLION on Identity-Slave-Cards and the invasive and malignant DATABASE.

Still, at least we know the Minister's priorities, a surveillence state with all of us the inmates of HMP-Albion, hence the name of this blog....

Sunday, 27 January 2008


Well here it is folks... This February the forst stage of Mayor Livingstone's "Low Emission Zone" (LEZ) comes into being.

Anyone who believes that this is a "Green" initiative will be sorely disappointed as we are about to be scammed yet again.

Dressed up as "Green", how it will save millions of babies lives, stop the earth crashing into the sun, it is sadly a great big Livingstonian LIE.

Sorry to disappoint, but the air in London is cleaner than it's been for decades. What's more the calibration of the air quality monitors have been amplified to show the minute variations that would otherwise be all but invisible on standard settings. But it's "Green" innit??

Add in Gridlock for London farting about with light phasings, narrowing roads and layouts, no surprises that the Permission to Travel tax aka the Congestion Charge has made no real difference apart from draining our bank accounts on pain of fines, clampings and Authorized State Theft of private vehicles.

Look, car hating, private property hating Mayor Livingstone and the financial black-hole that is the mayoralty and its hangers-on can never have enough money. Unfortunately it's ours that they want.

The 24/7/365 LEZ is going to cost every vehicle over 4 tons and over a certain age £200 PER DAY to operate in London.

And here is the problem. In boroughs such as mine (Harrow) and yours, we will have to either buy new Dustcarts, convert old vehicles at great expense or pay Mayor Livingstone £200 PER DAY per vehicle to collect our own rubbish. Meanwhile hundreds of businesses will go bankrupt as their now worthless vehicles are unsaleable and cannot afford the £200 PER DAY per vehicle to stay in business.

So here's the rub. Theoretically, Councils can shove the whole cost onto the taxpayer, something I would not support. Unfortunately, far too many politicians, bureaucrats and public-sector apparatchiks who have never earned a wage as opposed to being paid a tax-funded salary are on another planet. Meanwhile private hauliers, coach firms etc will either go bust, or relocate businesses and jobs OUT of London.

As for the major hauliers and deliveries, do not think that they will want or be able to absorb the cost, so if you live inside the redGreen LEZ you can expect to see a large price differential for everything you buy, fuel, food, durables, deliveries, the lot.

With firms haemorrhaging money on the London Delivery Protection Racket, they will shed jobs, or just pack it in and all of us in this "Green" LEZ will pay heavily in both jobs and the everyday cost of living.

As with the Congestion Scam, this is going to benefit no-one bar the parasites in TfL and the Mayoralty. Commissar Livingstone is tucking us all up for as much as he can so that he can buy the votes of disparate groups with our money and damn the majority.

Oh yes and how many will sell their birthrights and livelihoods for a couple of free low-energy lightbulbs paid for out of our taxes?

Vote for Livingstone and GET SHAFTED. The man thinks that London belongs to him permanently and said as such when interviewed. It doesn't.

On May 1st 2008, we have the opportunity to change London for the better. Those who stay at home deserve everything they get. Unfortunately we also get walloped. Get off of the sofas, away from the TV for a few moments, get down to the polling station and cast those free votes your grandparents fought for you to have.

Forget the red "Greens", they are old style Marxists dressed up in green finery. The LibDems??? Single issue and equally control freak. "Respect" only has respect for itself and any local minorities they can hoover up with their rantings about Iraq. The elections are for LONDON, not Iraq, Africa, Europe.............................

We get THREE VOTES. Vote for BORIS JOHNSON for MAYOR, Vote for your CONSERVATIVE GLA candidate and VOTE CONSERVATIVE for the top-up list, that's THREE VOTES CONSERVATIVE.

It has to be BORIS FOR LONDON and a Conservative majority on the GLA to free London from the yoke of an increasingly dictatorial and fascist "New" Labour maladministration, their hangers-on, quangos and cronies.

If Gordon Brown still doesn't get the message, then it is clearly time for "New" Labour to get nuked at the general, European and local elections.


Well here it is folks, proof positive that under "New" Labour we are on the long march to Hell.

Hooray and Huzzah, the ghastly smug Yvette Cooper MP, wife of appropriately named Ed Balls has dictated that if we as a nation collectively walk another 15 Billion steps all of our ill will disappear into the fairyland her mind seem to inhabit.

Is there nothing into which the "New" Labour Comrades won't poke their unwanted noses?

Five-a-day, 10,000 steps a day, 5 year plans, don't smoke, drink water, no alcohol, yadda yadda yadda......

Here is the link to the Telegraph for the latest hectoring codswallop and below that the comment I posted:-

I think that we SHOULD walk those extra 15 Billion steps a year......... To any open polling station at all and any UK election, and vote the likes of Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls, Tax'em Brown, Scary Blears, Jacqui Smith, Straw, Miliband, Cuprinol Hain, the whole "New" Communist Labour Shower OUT OF OFFICE for a very long time.

First stop, the London Mayoralty and the GLA when we get rid of Comrade Livingstone, his "New" Labour/Red-Green commissariat, the coterie of Marxist hangers-on, ex-GLC apparatchiks, tax-junkie Quangos, and install Boris Johnson as the new Mayor for London.

Meanwhile, what will be the next "diktat" from one of the Dear Leaders and Commissars?? A "Five-a-Wipe" recommendation for toilet paper usage with rationing of paper and regular inspections?

PAH!!! Get rid of the lot of 'em... 15 billion steps with hobnailed boots all over the wreckage of the Nu-fascist Labour Party

Comments welcome.....


Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Have a look at these articles from the Daily Telegraph (27th Jan 2008):-

Read these and see where the UK is being lead by the fascist Left, the malignant Politically Correct and our Hippocratically ignorant NuDoctors.

I make no apology for comparing the cancer that is the "New" Labour project and Nazi Germany.

In both cases they banned fox-hunting and smoking. In both cases they targetted the sick, the elderly, the weak and anyone who didn't fit their sick mindset.

Now the overpaid, decadent fools that head the BMA are effectively promoting the eugenics of Herr Doktor Mengele.

By suggesting that those supposedly freeborn people who don't fit their PC lifestyle, but have paid in all of their lives, shouldn't get medical help is a disgrace.

Perhaps it is time for these tax-subsidised apparatchiks who seem to relish crawling up the backsides of the odious scumbags currently in power, as opposed to healing the sick, to do some serious soul-searching as to why they are still in the medical profession.

The comment below is the one I posted on both of these articles. Feel free to comment...

I've got a BRILLIANT idea for the BMA.

Why don't we build "Concentration Hospitals" in say, the wilds of Dartmoor or the Scottish Highlands, and herd in all of the sick, obese, elderly, thin and those that we just don't like, smokers, drinkers, motorists, fox-hunters, protesters and political opponents......

Then we put them all to compulsory outdoor "healthy living" community labour while feeding them small amounts of low fat, low carb, low salt, lo-everything, ultra-low calorie "healthy eating" NuFood and lots and lots of "natural" water.

Naturally, inmates, er.. patients will be expected to pay their state prescribed "hotel" costs as well as for transportation costs. Cash, gold teeth, personal jewellery, spectacles all accepted, no cheques IOUs or credit cards.....

Staffed by those politicised "Doctors" who have forgotten the whole point and ethos of the Hippocratic Oath, we will soon see a drastic reduction in unhealthy people seen on the streets and with "presumed consent" no shortage of organs "volunteered" for harvesting...... whoops........ "donation".

"New Labour Macht Frei" will be the logo above the new "National Health Centres"