Monday, 28 January 2008


On page 4 of The Times (London), hidden away in a corner are the spoutings of yet another of the plethora of hectoring tax-greased "experts". I refuse to call these people nannies, for the very sensible reason that nannies look after people. They are bullies with a personal agenda, full stop.

Professor Martin Wiseman of the World Cancer Research Fund, although for the life of me I cannot see how this has any bearing on cancer, is calling for salt to be removed from the dinner table.

And just how does Professor Wiseman propose to achieve this? Ministry of Sodium inspectors with powers of right of entry? Perhaps a "salt tax", an idea that brought about the rapid demise of the Raj in India? How about a nice shiny new tax bloated "regulator" OfSalt.

How about banning these self-important puritans that are clogging up the arteries of our community?

There is only anecdotal and weak evidence that salt is actually harmful. Lack of salt equals death. Let's cut to the chase, salt does not CAUSE high blood pressure, although it MAY exacerbate an existing condition.

We are becoming obssessed with food-scares, elfansafetee, five-a-day, indeed anything that can be measured or written about. I am waiting for rationing to be introduced, a very socialist solution and something that could be easily enacted once we British Sheeple have our £93 Identity-Slave-Cards.

I would like to know what are the views of the good Professor regarding salt-substitutes such as Lo-Salt as this is loaded with Potassium Chloride (KCl) that is known to cause problems to those with kidney complaints. Just to make you feel better, in the USA it is part of the lethal injection used to execute prisoners, and short circuits the Central Nervous System.

What was that about "Healthy Eating"??? AND it tastes bloody disgusting....

If Professor Wossname, the plethora of hangers-on and the lying finger-wagging politicians out to make names for themselves at our expense, are genuinely concerned for our wellbeing, our stress levels and blood pressure, I have a simple solution, a cure for almost all of us that will make the world a better and gentler place.

The best "Healthy Eating" is for all of us to stop swallowing all of this scaremongering GUFF.

Get out of our homes, our cars, our schools, our lives and out of the media. Stop fiddling with our children and trying to micro-manage our families. Stop yammering interminably on about how you know what's best for us and............


If these loonies had been around in the stone-age we'd never have invented the wheel or got into, let alone out of the trees. I'm beginning to think that the Golgafrinchams from Douglas Adams' "The Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" were our real ancestors and that it is Adams as opposed to Darwin who is closer to the truth about our evolution.

Can we build another "B" Ark?

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