Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I cannot be the only one to have noticed the veritable barrage of Government propaganda, adverts and media bullying that assaults our senses every day.

First there is the bullying regarding paying your bloody income tax on time. I am sure that Adam Hart davis is a thoroughly decent man, but he has become Gordon Brown, Alistair Invisible and HMRC's hectoring mouthpiece. Much as I normally like Adam, I am constantly willing him to be sucked to oblivion in that bloody giant hourglass. Hopefull it is a measure of the time left from Gordon the Moral Compass to disappear up his own statistical Bermuda Triangle.

Then we have the threats. The bastards from the data-flogging DVLA telling us how they will crush our cars if we don't pay the annual protection racket to drive on the Queen's potholes and roadhumps.

Next comes the Department for Whatever it Calls Itself This Week who deal with benefits. No ifs, No buts, just GET OFF OF OUR BACKS. Mind you I preferred the original campaign with the Mysterons (circles of light) following benefit cheats around.

A perennial favourite of our Commissars is to invoke our fetish and obsession with "The Children", to prick our sense of guilt. Everything revolves around bloody children, children..... If it saves ONE chiyuldddzzz life...................... So now our streets are an abstacle course of humps, lines, bollards, railings, chicanes and build-outs. With our attention taken up avoiding the obstacle course and reading the forest of useless signage, another "precious child" has been run over and the whole merry-go-round restarts.

Believe it or not I have only just got started.

SALT - Millions spent on television, radio, press and poster adverts that from the tone you would think that harmless Sodium Chloride is as dangerous as Sodium Cyanide. It's the Sodium innit??? Thde worst aspect of this piece of ill-informed nannying crap, is that people, especially children (sorry) and the elderly are suffering from salt loss in overhheated houses, hospitals and in hot weather. To the semi-literate political berks and tax-funded scientists, who endlessly yammer on about salt, any deaths from heat-stroke are down to YOU.

SMOKING - Sorry, but I am sick and tired of hearing, seeing and reading about smoking and how it is the weed of the devil, everywhere I look, everything I listen to and every TV programme I watch. And don't get me started on those effing "No Smoking" official signs on every shop window even TOBACCONISTS and, get this, the local CREMATORIUM door. If one ever needed proof that "New" Fascist Labour are akin to every graffiti chav, it is this, with their "Tag" everywhere you look, reminding us how they have infiltrated their malignant presence into every thing we do.......

ALCOHOL - And now on virtually every commercial radio station there are constaqnt ads exhorting us to "drink sensibly" and to be "drinkaware" etc... All of this trash is enough to drive you to drink.

So I have to ask our hectoring nannies in chief. How much is all of this propaganda costing the taxpayer, and how many operations, deep-cleans, cancer treatments, transplants and front line services are being jeopadized as a result?

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