Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Just when you thought we could have a lull in the incessant carping by the MentalEnvironists and the RedGreens, it all starts up again.

The latest piece of climate-garbage emanates from that arch waster of resources, the Eutopean Parliament.

Hold onto your hats folks, here it is..................................

They are set to back a resolution to ban Pub patio heaters. Yep, you did read that correctly. The worst aspect of this ill-considered codswallop is that even real environmental experts such as Eric Johnson, states that btheir impact on global warming is "very minimal".

"Very minimal", it has NO BLOODY IMPACT AT ALL, none, zilch, nada, bugger-all, zero... The whole shooting match is driven by the SUN and to a lesser vextent by vulcanism, end of story.

But there are a lot of lying bastards out there, who are very keen to keep us in a permanent state of fear, as by doing so they keep their inflated tax-funded grants and justify sky-high confiscatory taxation on all and everything we do.

If some of these pillocks were REALLY concerned about "the environment" or wastage of enercy, they could hardly do better than to look closer to home. I refer to the latest innovation, DIGITAL TV AND RADIO.

Have you actually looked at the power consumption (wattage) of your domestic equipment?? No?
Well I have and it is very sobering.

Over the next four years we will be seeing the big "switch over" from analogue to digital TV, and that is where the problem lies. Digital circuitry uses far more energy and generates far more heat than the "old" analogue equipment.

Looking at my own gear, my 26" Panasonoc CRT TV consumes 74watts (1watt on standby), with most of that taken up by the tube. The good old VHS video recorder 18watts and 0.5watts on standby.

My Panasonic DVD recorder with freeview is 28watts and 1watt respectively Start multiplying this by several million as the rollout continues.

The average 32" widescreen LCD TV uses upwards of 160watts, thats 2.25 times my "old fashioned" TV.

Have you seen how quickly the new DAB radios gobble up batteries as opposed to good old FM or AM, and the mains ones run quite warm.

Methinks someone is telling porky-pies.............. Oh yes, and add in all of those "home cinema" systems with their amplifiers and powered sub-woofers, another 100watts minimum.

Whie the middle classes are squeezed with higher Council tax, congestion charging, insurances, energy etc. the benefit classes are often the most wasteful of all. All of that "free" money, compliments of the mugged taxpayer, has no perceived value, which is why recycling and energy saving, are worst on council estates. And which areas are the highest consumers of expensive takeaways, all on other peoples' money.

What I am saying, is that for all of the "Green" blurb, it is anything but, especially at a time of drastically rising energy costs. And for the Great Clunking Fist to go on about appliances left on standby, the prudent "son of the manse" Mr. Brown, doesn't have a clue.

Go around your home and add up the wattage of all of your lights, sandwich grills, microwaves, kettles, power-showers, computers, stereo equipment, toasters, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, fridges, freezers, hobs, irons and then ask yourself one simple question. Will banning a few pub patio heaters make a blind bit of difference?

So while the Euro-Clods tilt at wind-turbines regarding pub patio heaters, spare a thought for the real energy waste of our new and "Green" energy efficient, "modern" digital systems. Better still, repeal the smoking ban and allow pubs to be either smoking OR non-smoking and get the malignant fascist excuse of a government off of our backs. That way, the demand for patio heaters will be reduced, and we won't Have to be subjected to the constant barrage of stressful Nulab propaganda.

And finally, if the European Parliament and its hangers-on are so concerned about our "carbon footprint" then perhaps they should set an example by not relocating between Brussells and Strasbourg several times a year with the appalling costs and energy totally wasted by this charade. When our bureaucrats, MEPs, MPs and the rest of the rotten crowd lead by example, then and ONLY then should we bother to pay any heed to their outpourings.

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