Monday, 28 January 2008


Did you read the comments by Tony McNulty MP the NuLab Police Minister?

He stated that they couldn't backdate the 2.5% police pay increase to last September. In his words "Although £30m isn't a lot of money, all of these sums add up to a lot"

He's absolutely right, it's just a shame he didn't take the same view when as a Harrow Councillor he and his colleagues all but wiped out our balances and bloated the bureacracy.

Why not the same treatment for PCSOs and police civilian staff, who are getting their pay backdated?? It wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that the latter are members of UNISON and not bound by a no-strike clause, would it? Or could it be that unlike the Police Federation, UNISON bankroll "New" Labour for a shedload of their members' cash.

But putting all of that aside, if our Tone is so concerned at watching the pennies, how come he is so happy to squander over £9 BILLION on Identity-Slave-Cards and the invasive and malignant DATABASE.

Still, at least we know the Minister's priorities, a surveillence state with all of us the inmates of HMP-Albion, hence the name of this blog....

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