Sunday, 27 January 2008


Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Have a look at these articles from the Daily Telegraph (27th Jan 2008):-

Read these and see where the UK is being lead by the fascist Left, the malignant Politically Correct and our Hippocratically ignorant NuDoctors.

I make no apology for comparing the cancer that is the "New" Labour project and Nazi Germany.

In both cases they banned fox-hunting and smoking. In both cases they targetted the sick, the elderly, the weak and anyone who didn't fit their sick mindset.

Now the overpaid, decadent fools that head the BMA are effectively promoting the eugenics of Herr Doktor Mengele.

By suggesting that those supposedly freeborn people who don't fit their PC lifestyle, but have paid in all of their lives, shouldn't get medical help is a disgrace.

Perhaps it is time for these tax-subsidised apparatchiks who seem to relish crawling up the backsides of the odious scumbags currently in power, as opposed to healing the sick, to do some serious soul-searching as to why they are still in the medical profession.

The comment below is the one I posted on both of these articles. Feel free to comment...

I've got a BRILLIANT idea for the BMA.

Why don't we build "Concentration Hospitals" in say, the wilds of Dartmoor or the Scottish Highlands, and herd in all of the sick, obese, elderly, thin and those that we just don't like, smokers, drinkers, motorists, fox-hunters, protesters and political opponents......

Then we put them all to compulsory outdoor "healthy living" community labour while feeding them small amounts of low fat, low carb, low salt, lo-everything, ultra-low calorie "healthy eating" NuFood and lots and lots of "natural" water.

Naturally, inmates, er.. patients will be expected to pay their state prescribed "hotel" costs as well as for transportation costs. Cash, gold teeth, personal jewellery, spectacles all accepted, no cheques IOUs or credit cards.....

Staffed by those politicised "Doctors" who have forgotten the whole point and ethos of the Hippocratic Oath, we will soon see a drastic reduction in unhealthy people seen on the streets and with "presumed consent" no shortage of organs "volunteered" for harvesting...... whoops........ "donation".

"New Labour Macht Frei" will be the logo above the new "National Health Centres"


Mark said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

You've got off to a good start, I see. You had a prolific day yesterday. Bravo!

There's a five-hour time difference between you and me at the moment, so I haven't got down to posting your comment yet. But I will.

I shall also link your blog with my website, too. That should help drive traffic to your site.

What you say about the BMA is absolutely right, of course. Doctors are there to treat their patients. They are not there to decide if someone needs treating at all because of any particular lifestyle he/she has led. If doctors start doing that, where will it all end?

If they want/need to ration medical treatment, I would start with all the illegal immigrants. They have contributed nothing to the system. Then I would stop all foreigners coming to Britain and receiving treatment for free. We should have the French system. People should be supplied with a carte vitale. If someone doesn't have a carte vitale, then cough up.

Then there are all those fat-cat managers who are far too overpaid, and who prevent the money pumped into the health service from filtering down to the doctors, nurses and patients, where it is needed.

Then, what about all those underworked GPs earning in excess of one hundred thousand a year. Despite their fat earnings, it's awfully difficult to see a doctor when you want one.

I would suggest that by implementing these reforms, then there truly would be more money to treat patients in need. After all, regardless of whether we like the NHS or not, one thing is for sure: It was construed as the NATIONAL Heath Service, not the INTERNATIONAL Health Service. It was never intended that the system treat the world!

Like you, I, too, am sick to death of this so-called NuLabour government delving into everyone's way of life. If I want a cigarette, I'll smoke one. If I want salt on my food, I'll have it. If I want a drink, I'll have one of those, too.

I feel like you do, it seems. Get this bloody government off our backs. And let's return to some sanity.

Jeremy Zeid said...

Try getting to see a bloody NHS dentist......

Oh, it's "free" at the point of delivery, so our well remunerated government tell us..

Until you get BEYOND the point of delivery and it pay pay pay all the way......

I can't quite work out what National Insurance is for... Oh yes, it's a pay in advance scheme, another 10% Income Tax.

A private dental plan is cheaper....

Mark said...

Maybe the NHS should be disbanded. There would be other, better ways of getting health care. Even the less well-off could be catered for with some scheme or other.

NHS hospitals are often a disgrace. Can't smell Dettol anywhere these days! Perhaps that's why we hear so much about MRSA.

As for getting dental care, so far I have a better tale to tell than you. But maybe I'm just lucky that I have been with the same dental practice since I was in school. I certainly think it would be difficult to change these days, though.

By the way, you have said nothing about the links to your blogspot I put up. Were you pleased?