Sunday, 27 January 2008


Well here it is folks... This February the forst stage of Mayor Livingstone's "Low Emission Zone" (LEZ) comes into being.

Anyone who believes that this is a "Green" initiative will be sorely disappointed as we are about to be scammed yet again.

Dressed up as "Green", how it will save millions of babies lives, stop the earth crashing into the sun, it is sadly a great big Livingstonian LIE.

Sorry to disappoint, but the air in London is cleaner than it's been for decades. What's more the calibration of the air quality monitors have been amplified to show the minute variations that would otherwise be all but invisible on standard settings. But it's "Green" innit??

Add in Gridlock for London farting about with light phasings, narrowing roads and layouts, no surprises that the Permission to Travel tax aka the Congestion Charge has made no real difference apart from draining our bank accounts on pain of fines, clampings and Authorized State Theft of private vehicles.

Look, car hating, private property hating Mayor Livingstone and the financial black-hole that is the mayoralty and its hangers-on can never have enough money. Unfortunately it's ours that they want.

The 24/7/365 LEZ is going to cost every vehicle over 4 tons and over a certain age £200 PER DAY to operate in London.

And here is the problem. In boroughs such as mine (Harrow) and yours, we will have to either buy new Dustcarts, convert old vehicles at great expense or pay Mayor Livingstone £200 PER DAY per vehicle to collect our own rubbish. Meanwhile hundreds of businesses will go bankrupt as their now worthless vehicles are unsaleable and cannot afford the £200 PER DAY per vehicle to stay in business.

So here's the rub. Theoretically, Councils can shove the whole cost onto the taxpayer, something I would not support. Unfortunately, far too many politicians, bureaucrats and public-sector apparatchiks who have never earned a wage as opposed to being paid a tax-funded salary are on another planet. Meanwhile private hauliers, coach firms etc will either go bust, or relocate businesses and jobs OUT of London.

As for the major hauliers and deliveries, do not think that they will want or be able to absorb the cost, so if you live inside the redGreen LEZ you can expect to see a large price differential for everything you buy, fuel, food, durables, deliveries, the lot.

With firms haemorrhaging money on the London Delivery Protection Racket, they will shed jobs, or just pack it in and all of us in this "Green" LEZ will pay heavily in both jobs and the everyday cost of living.

As with the Congestion Scam, this is going to benefit no-one bar the parasites in TfL and the Mayoralty. Commissar Livingstone is tucking us all up for as much as he can so that he can buy the votes of disparate groups with our money and damn the majority.

Oh yes and how many will sell their birthrights and livelihoods for a couple of free low-energy lightbulbs paid for out of our taxes?

Vote for Livingstone and GET SHAFTED. The man thinks that London belongs to him permanently and said as such when interviewed. It doesn't.

On May 1st 2008, we have the opportunity to change London for the better. Those who stay at home deserve everything they get. Unfortunately we also get walloped. Get off of the sofas, away from the TV for a few moments, get down to the polling station and cast those free votes your grandparents fought for you to have.

Forget the red "Greens", they are old style Marxists dressed up in green finery. The LibDems??? Single issue and equally control freak. "Respect" only has respect for itself and any local minorities they can hoover up with their rantings about Iraq. The elections are for LONDON, not Iraq, Africa, Europe.............................

We get THREE VOTES. Vote for BORIS JOHNSON for MAYOR, Vote for your CONSERVATIVE GLA candidate and VOTE CONSERVATIVE for the top-up list, that's THREE VOTES CONSERVATIVE.

It has to be BORIS FOR LONDON and a Conservative majority on the GLA to free London from the yoke of an increasingly dictatorial and fascist "New" Labour maladministration, their hangers-on, quangos and cronies.

If Gordon Brown still doesn't get the message, then it is clearly time for "New" Labour to get nuked at the general, European and local elections.

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