Saturday, 26 September 2009


Well here it is folks, Labour's final nail hammered into OUR coffins. We are ALL CRIMINALS now. The tentacles of the malignant cancer STATE now dictating every aspect of out lives, see link and prepare to get VERY ANGRY.

This is what has been sneaked in under the guise of "protecting the Precious Children Who are our Future".

Yes folks, we cannot even look after our own friend's children, even on an informal basis without a CRB and ISA check at a combined £100 a pop. Yes it's true, in "New" Fascist Dogturd Labour Britain you now need a LICENCE to be a good neighbour or to have friends with children. In the eyes of the malignant Cancer State, we are all paedophiles, unless we have writen Sate permission that we aren't.

The solution is VERY SIMPLE. SHUN THIS "New" Labour HYSTERICAL RUBBISH. Treat it with the utter contempt that such unconstitutional junk deserves. SHUN and OUT the informers, snoops and spooks. Do not stand in the "dock", you are NOT a criminal.

This monstrous interference in our PERSONAL lives by a paranoid cancer of a government and its tax-funded malignant agencies, aided by the constant Tabloid yammerings about "the precious children" was entirely predictable.

REFUSE CRB and ISA checks.
DO NOT give any information (let alone pay for it).
WITHDRAW any "goodwill".
DO NOT VOLUNTEER to anything.
DO NOT become governors.
DO NOT become dinner ladies.
DO NOT help at scouts/cubs/guides.
DO NOT help for meals on wheels.
DO NOT help youth clubs and sports clubs.
Let's see the BULLY STATE pick the bones out of that.

This has been "New" fascist Labour's aim all along, the fracturing and destruction of the very fabric of British society the final stage in "rebranding" and subjugation of us all, slaves to the database Identity-Slave-card, microchipped, CCTV, gun and taser toting State.

DO NOT stay at home on ELECTION DAY!!
GO AND VOTE this "New" Labour DOGTURD of a government, out, forever.
And if the New Government done repeal this crap, then REFUSE to cooperate, and VOTE THEM OUT too.

We need to remind the politicians and (anything but) Civil Servants that they SERVE US, not the other way around. Time to CALL TIME on the creeping dictatorship, the informer and spook society.

For the record, I am refusing and have refused to cooperate with the CRB and most certainly will NOT be cooperating or applying for the additional and highly invasive £64 "ISA" check.

I am currently a school governor, but will REFUSE TO RESIGN. They will have to SACK ME and then I will go to the media. Any iffy comments or attempts to smear me will be met with ROBUST legal action.

I am now investigating just how much taxpayers' money this will cost, and yet this will not protect nor save one vulnerable child or person.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The vacuous PM in his bubble, STILL doesn't get it.

Have a look at this link to the Telegraph and the article penned by none-other than our esteemed Prime Minister, on Gordon Brown, saviour of the World. It is the usual vacuous tosh, worse he believes his own hype.

Sooooooo, below are the comments I posted harranguing him for the sham and the humbug he is:-

Comment 1.

Sorry Gordon, you can spout statistics, vast sums of money and initiatives until you are red in the face, but you and "New" Labour have blown it. All of this waffle and blaming everybody else is meaningless.

YOU have personally pillaged and destroyed our PENSION FUNDS.

YOU, personally, flogged off our GOLD and worse ANNOUNCED the fire sale, so that it was snapped up at bargain basement prices and is now worth nearly FOUR times the flog-off value.

You have taxed and extorted virtually everything possible, thrown it down the public sector black hole, and BLOATED government to an extent not seen outside a corrupt banana republic.

Your hosing billions of OUR MONEY at the banks and printing ever more has seriously damaged the economy. You should have told them to sort out their own mess as New Zealand did. Our savings are worth less very day with disastrously low interest rates, not reflected in borrowing costs.

You do not even know the difference between SPENDING, BORROWING and INVESTMENT which in GordoSpeak are interchangeable.

You have abased yourself and sacrificed this country to every EU whim and diktat and deliberately disadvantaged and handicapped ENGLAND to pay for your clients in Scotland.

You have targetted motorists in a way that is remisniscent of Hitler going after their scapegoats, and are still going for more.

You "investment" in skoolznospitals has seen precious little real improvement save the massaging and skewing of statistics for political gain. Creating a situation where we are afraid of our own children, just as every other control-freak megalomaniac state has done.

Between, you, Blair and the rest of the student union Trots and Marxists infesting this joke of a "government", turning this once free country into a defacto open prison, a vile repressive, surveillance society. Erosion of civil liberties, Identity cards, databases, CCTV, permits, rafts of new "offences", destruction of private property rights. The turning of our schools into little more than daytime holding penitentiaries. Where being on "benefits" is now more lucrative than getting a bloody job. And yet you still want to inflict more of this junk. Incapable of thinking that you could be wrong.

But by far the WORST was you skulking in late, through the back-door, away from the prying cameras, to sign your crabbed signature to the EU Constitution dressed up as the Lisbon Treaty, signing away OUR COUNTRY to control by faceless unelected bureaucrats.

I hope and pray Mr Brown, that when you have the GUTS to call a General Election, the people have the sense to Annihilate the "New" Labour project and see it out of power forever,with "socialism" finally exposed for the monstrous CON that it always was.

The worst aspect is that once again, we Conservatives are going to have to clear up Labour's blundering mess, as we have to, every single time.

I am pleasede that the Telegraph have given you this column, because perhaps those who may have given you the benefit of the doubt will see and read that you are nothing but a hollow cipher, a vacuous scratched record with a "moral compass" so demagnetized that it points everywhere and nowhere as whim dictates.

To cut to the chase Mr Brown, you have NOT saved the World, you have impoverished your own Country and illegally signed it away. GO, in the name of God, GO, and go NOW.

If I had my way an arrest and a trial for High Treason under the still-in-force and unrepealable Common Law of Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights, would follow swiftly.

Lord help us when Cameron gets a chance to look at the REAL state of the nation's books. It was exactly the same when we took over Harrow from Labour.

Undoubtedly others will add the stuff that I missed.

Never in the field of political endeavour, has so much, been screwed up, by so few.

Apologies for the length of this rant, but a chance to append this to a column written by Brown and hopefully read by him, cannot be missed.

Comment 2.

What REALLY gets up my nose is this patronising, "Low Carbon Economy" DRIVEL, codswallop and garbage.

Sorry Gordon, but YOU know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it, but STILL you and your coterie of cretins STILL spout it.

Short of turning out the lights and the heating off, closing businesses, banning all private travel and going to bed at dusk it is pure unadulterated CRAP, especially with the UK's current power infrastructure. The ban on filament lightbulbs was pure spite and grandstanding to prove that you could "do something". The problem is that everything "New" Labour "does" or did was an act of dictatorial posturing.

Every "tough new law", all of the "bans", the rafts of illegal new "offences", the myriad of ill-thought-out "initiatives", the interminable and frankly laughable "crackdowns", the plethora of snoops, spooks, bailiffs and "inspectors", the vile obsession with "the precious children who are our future", the bullying, hectoring tone adopted by your ill-qualified henchmen such as Harman, Balls, Straw, Cooper and you etc etc etc.

Meanwhile it is down to TWELVE festering years of "New" Labour where you have filled the place with wind-turbines that, except on paper, DO NOT WORK. That prat Milliband the "Minister for "Climate Change", (Canute, Minister for Tidal Change would be equally idiotic) who dictates "Carbon Capture" for any coal fired station and yet the technology does not exist and is likely to have serious long term damaging effects.

Under your "stewardship" the only wind generation seems to come from No10 and that other windfarm, Parliament, when we should have started building new Nuclear Stations ten years ago, but YOU sold off our last home-grown Nuke Builder to the Japanese and crapped the money away down the welfare kazi. We are still a major GAS PRODUCER and instead of incentivising the gas producers to build STORAGE facilities, you taxed the bollocks off of them so that it is cheaper and more profitable to export it while we only have 15 days supply. Even Nuclear Stations who produce no CO2 are paying that great GREEN CON, the "Climate Change Levy". How does a TAX that goes down the toilet, "save the planet".

But by far, by FAR the most INSULTING piece of garbage is yours and your idiot ministers blathering on about how the "Third World" should have "Low Carbon" economies. They already HAVE, it's called NO PROPER POWER STATIONS, and the only way they can be even termed "Low Carbon" is because they are running out of their Carbon capturing TREES and burning them as FIREWOOD. And still you keep spouting this abject, insulting airy-fairyland RUBBISH.

If you were REALLY interested in the "Third World" and really gave a toss about the "poor people of Africa", you would tell the EU to take a hike, drop all tariffs and subsidies and open up Britain for FREE TRADE. At present "fair trade" is a feelgood, warm and fuzzy idea that makes us westerners feel good about ourselves.

REAL free trade would soon see other countries develop. Cutting aid and would starve the kleptocrats, scumbags and murdering African "Big Men" and their marxist backers.

The fly in the ointment is that YOU Gordon, like playing Mister Bountiful and swanning around pretending to be a Great Statesman with Other Peoples' Money while Mandelson pulls the strings. You don't do anything with the word FREE in it, free trade, freedom, free movement and will go down in history as the man who wrecked Britain and with that other charlatan Blair, damaged the 300 year old Union because of your incessant tinkering and "reforms".

As I said before, I sincerely hope that you read this and see how much the British people despise, at a deep visceral level, what you have done to this country and that their GRANDCHILDREN will still be paying for your ham-fisted "son of the manse", "moral compass" while we curse yo for what you have done in STEALING our PENSIONS.

It wasn't the "downturn", it was the nasty, vindictive, socialist, THEFT of our pension funds.

As I wrote before, GO NOW, call that Election, but you WON'T because you still believe for whatever reason that only you can fathom, that you truly can Save the World.

Worse, all of the signs are that the people are REJECTING "New" Labour in droves, you having turned the country into a de-facto island open prison, full of jobsworths, surveillance and databases.

Your cowardly Party aided by the Unions is embarking on a crass and vindictive scorched Earth policy littered with landmines to make the Tories job difficult and to punish the voters for their rejection, while what remains of the "New" Labour Trots and student union Marxists, snipe from the sidelines.

Time for that ELECTION, and a REFERENDUM.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Official CHILD ABUSE by the UN and UNESCO

So let's get this right... According to UNESCO; Schools and accredited "experts", naturally with all-singing, all-dancing, Harry-Potter-magic CRB/ISA checks, should teach innocent children as young as FIVE about masturbation, abortion, AIDS, contraception, homosexuality, sex etc. This is supposedly good for their "welfare and development", applauded and as usual, promoted by the generally left-leaning, "liberal" luvvies who all know what's best for us, and hang what parents and families know, think or want.

On the other hand, if an ordinary non-CRB-checked, "non-expert" member of the public, decided to "inappropriately", "teach" children about matters sexual, they would be quickly arrested with the attendant screaming media headlines about "protecting our precious children" and "how could this happen?". They would be DNA tested, charged, prosecuted and banged-up as a PAEDOPHILE, forced to sign the "sex offender's register", put on List-99 and, totally destroyed and unemployable, hounded out of the the area as a danger to children, a social outcast.

The lesson here is clear, if you want to abuse children with no fear of prosecution, make sure that the abuse follows strict "Official Guidelines", that you are properly and officially "trained" with a nice "title", a certificate to practice, oh yes, and that magical comfort-blanket "CRB/ISA check" that is useless for undetected past or future offences.

Next week, the same gravy-train UNESCO/UN/EU/State "experts" will undoubtedly pontifficate on "the evils of child-exploitation", wring their hands at rocketing child pregnancy rates and sexual experimentation, whilst handing out the condoms and wodering why no-one in their right mind will work with children anymore? Let children be children - Meanwhile our taxes are paying for this rubbish. Welcome to HMP-Loonybin-England.