Thursday, 10 September 2009

Official CHILD ABUSE by the UN and UNESCO

So let's get this right... According to UNESCO; Schools and accredited "experts", naturally with all-singing, all-dancing, Harry-Potter-magic CRB/ISA checks, should teach innocent children as young as FIVE about masturbation, abortion, AIDS, contraception, homosexuality, sex etc. This is supposedly good for their "welfare and development", applauded and as usual, promoted by the generally left-leaning, "liberal" luvvies who all know what's best for us, and hang what parents and families know, think or want.

On the other hand, if an ordinary non-CRB-checked, "non-expert" member of the public, decided to "inappropriately", "teach" children about matters sexual, they would be quickly arrested with the attendant screaming media headlines about "protecting our precious children" and "how could this happen?". They would be DNA tested, charged, prosecuted and banged-up as a PAEDOPHILE, forced to sign the "sex offender's register", put on List-99 and, totally destroyed and unemployable, hounded out of the the area as a danger to children, a social outcast.

The lesson here is clear, if you want to abuse children with no fear of prosecution, make sure that the abuse follows strict "Official Guidelines", that you are properly and officially "trained" with a nice "title", a certificate to practice, oh yes, and that magical comfort-blanket "CRB/ISA check" that is useless for undetected past or future offences.

Next week, the same gravy-train UNESCO/UN/EU/State "experts" will undoubtedly pontifficate on "the evils of child-exploitation", wring their hands at rocketing child pregnancy rates and sexual experimentation, whilst handing out the condoms and wodering why no-one in their right mind will work with children anymore? Let children be children - Meanwhile our taxes are paying for this rubbish. Welcome to HMP-Loonybin-England.

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PhilH said...

Have you read the report by the UN? Have you really? Or just the article on the Daily Mail website?

Because if you'd read them in detail you'd see that, yes, masturbation and HIV are mentioned at Level I.

Level I is for 5 to 8 year olds. So it doesn't necessarily need to be mentioned at age 5.

But abortion and contraception aren't mentioned until level II, which is 9 to 12 year olds. In this period, most girls will be hitting puberty.

As good children as they might be, they will have all sorts of conflicting information placed in front of them by the media, and all sorts of confusing feelings in this time. It's only fair they get the right information they can trust, so that they can make good choices.

You might think it's too early but their bodies and natural urges won't pay much heed to your opinion. And nor will any older boy intent on convincing them to do things their not ready for.

You also need to be clear that this is international guidance for all Member States, with differing needs. It is not a prescription that every country has to follow to the letter.

You're perfectly entitled to disagree with me, but can you at least get your basic facts right, please, and not make it sound like all 5 years olds will be instructed how to have sex and then get an abortion.

Good decisions are built on sensible debate of the issues, and I should think that as an elected representative of a community, you'd be capable of objectively considering different viewpoints.