Saturday, 3 October 2009

A "World Record" we can DO WITHOUT - British schoolboy, aged 13, becomes one of world's youngest fathers

So, we have yet another taxpayer funded Yoyo-knickered 16yr old sprog-popper and "record" breaking condom-dodging career hoodie, destined for a life of parasitism, paid, housed, everything free, living off of the rest of us who pay for everything and qualify for nothing.

The baby will become of the same dysfunctional ilk, and yet the "authorities"in thrall to the vomit inducing mantra "Every Chiiiiyyyyyuulldd is Preshusssss", will shower "help", "benefits", money, clothing, free health-care, the whole kit and caboodle over these shameless twerps. They will keep the "family together" for the sake of the child, regardless of the future of doom in store for it. Meanwhile those same "authorities" will STEAL children with the help of the disgusting secret "Family" Courts, from loving parents and families to fulfill their "adoption" and "fostering" targets. And by going after the "soft" targets, the ones least likely to fight back, for fear of ever more State Sanctioned BULLYING, the "State" show the true colours of the evil naked "Socialism" that has caused and is still causing so much misery.

Please Daily Mail et al, stop giving these dysfunctional, rotten-to-the-core, CHAVS, and their scumbag extended "families", the publicity, and sorry to say the status and "fame". Time for some SHAME, some RESPONSIBILITY, oh yes and some JUDGMENT.

I sincerely hope that this little scrote and Ms yoyo-knickers didn't receive any MONEY for this. I am afraid that the "record breaking" headlines will do nothing but ENCOURAGE, more of the same.

One has to now question the usefulness of the ever increasing amount of sex "education" and no doubt we will have some Left-Wing (it's always bloody left-wing) idiot "worthy" or Ed-Ball-Locks calling for more "intervention", "Tough new laws" or "compulsory" action... Yadda yadda yadda. Don'cha just LOVE the consequences of "socialism" and the demagnetized "moral compass"?

One interesting point, this is UNDERAGE SEX, so where are the "Authorities". When is Ms Yoyo-knickers going to be "interviewed" by the POLICE??? Yes, Where ARE the NuFuzz in all of this, busy nicking motorists I'll bet. Too much paperwork.

Time for a BIG change. It makes me physically SICK.

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