Sunday, 4 October 2009

Europe policy pressure grows on David Cameron as Irish vote 'Yes' to Lisbon Treaty

In the aftermath of the Irish second referendum, how can the EU be in any way descibed as a "democracy" when it ignores the will of the electorate, rerunning referenda if the "right" result is not obtained?

When regulations, laws and diktats are made by largely unaccountable career bureaucrats, with unelected appointed commissioners such as Jose Manuel Barosso openly berating elected representatives, the EU cannot be described as a democracy. The European Parliament is effectively little more than an expensive talking shop and democratically elected national governments no more than rubber stamping regional satrapies?

In the USA, a federation of independent States, after extensive campaigning, they get to elect their President. Therefore the notion of unilaterally "Installing" a President such as Tony Blair, based on horse trading and deals behind closed doors, with no election, no choice of candidates, and a convenient re-writing of the rules, is an outrage. Even Hitler, the last pretender to European domination, was elected. This is more reminiscent of Stalin's Russia, Mao's China or Castro's Cuba, and not a supposed union of independent democratic nations. This is why the sceptics describe the European Union as the EUSSR.

Even Zimbabwe had the pretence of an election, despite EU "monitors" grumbling (they should be looking closer to home) about "irregularities. This is not the end of the line, it actually makes it even more urgent that David Cameron guarantees an unconditional referendum, whether the Lisbon-I-can't-believe-it's-not-a-constitution-Treaty has been ratified or not, with the option of repudiation of said Treaty. If he were to promise this, the Tories would win by a landslide.

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