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Pour yourself a stiff drink, sit down, count to ten and then have a look at the following link -

Now I know that "Race and Equalities Tsar" Trevor Phillips, has lost the plot. That he seems to actually believe this twaddle means that he is either a blinkered PC fool or he is keen to hold onto his cherished title complete with the money, the kudos and a free soapbox compliments of the Marxists and Dhimmis infesting both governments and the media, especially the BBC.

So you will have to excuse my impertinence in the following when I start asking awkward questions and making observations based on what I see, read and hear. I will be posting a few questions for Our Trev later on.

Mind you, there IS some poetic justice in this. NOW many so-called "good" Christians will start to know what we Jews have had to put up with after 2000 years of blood libels, persecution and hatred and that is still going on. If nothing else, Jesus the Jewish Rabbi, if he is actually watching, must be deeply embarrassed at the latest outpourings of this clown.

So Sir Trev, your first question.

1. Do you actually believe that Christians are "more militant" than Muslims and if so, from where do you draw this conclusion?

If this is true, then the media, police and government agencies have been disgustingly complicit in covering up and hiding the various acts of Christian desecration of Muslim graves, the vandalizing of mosques, the targetting and beating up of Muslim religious teachers, the targetting and rape of Muslim women, the setting up of "Christian Law" ghettos. Why have we heard nothing of the Christian children taught that all Muslims will go to hell, that they should become suicide bombers in Jesus's name (Oh and God's too), presumably for their "reward" in Heaven from the same God that said that "Thou Shalt Not Murder", unless endorsed and encouraged by a "Holy" man?

2. Apart from the historical and hysterical whack-jobs in Ulster and parts of the F3 "Fuckwit Football Fraternity" in Scotland, how else could you describe Christians as "militant" in the UK?

Could it be that this so-called "militancy" isn't militancy at all? Could it be that it is an outpouring of frustration and indignation at the injustice of seeing politicians, quangocrats and various worthies such as Archbishop Worzel Gummidge crawling and abasing themselves to appease an increasingly emboldened and militant militant ISLAM. Christians and Christian organizetions hounded and pushed around while the same forces of "law and order", bureaucrats, councils and politicians, bend over backwards making every excuse to the excesses of militant Islam and its protagonists. Snivelling cowards who won't stand up to the playground bully, in the "interests of community cohesion" of course. Islam being what it is, an expansionist and supremacist political religion is even more emboldened by this abject cowardy capitulation, and will keep coming back for more.

By hey "Trev", it MUST be the Christian's fault, in the same way that it is the "Jews' fault for giving up Gaza and wondering why Militant Islam keeps coming back for more.

Time to put Phillips and the whole ghastly mob of left-wing PC apologists back in their box. They are demonstrably The Problem, not the solution, and you can be sure that in any attempt to remove said malignancy the "race card" will be played to the fullest extent. There's nothing like a good "racism" libel to make the reformers back down. But then finding a solution will mean an end to the gravy train, the kudos, the titles, the money and the media circus as we all realise that without these poisonous self-righteous "experts", politicians, treacherous red-Bishops et al, we could have had real peace, where we all rub along nicely, a long time ago.

This is where the "Bonfire of the Quangos" should start, the malignant cancer of "cultural politics". This is where our taxes are going, to pay huge salaries to those who make a living out of race, division and strife while pretending that they are "working" for a solution. If they find one, the gravy dries up. WISE UP PEOPLE and shun these malignant bastards, do not give them the oxygen of publicity.

It is time for Christians to stop "turning the other cheek" because all that happens with "cheek turning" is that they get slapped and until our pusilanimous politicians of all parties stop pandering to the lying Islamic Taqiyya Merchants and start defending and enforcing the Common Law as opposed to increasingly oppressive and alien ones, nothing will change.

I had high hope for the new government. I am now not so sure that they aren't cut from the same moth-eaten cloth as the last lot of liars and traitors.

As for Marxist-Archbishop Worzel-Gummidge Williams, he is presiding over a Church in crisis, where the clergy are so "inclusive" that they have all but surrendered their principals for a quiet time. No surprises that apart from the die-hards, there are fewer bums-on-seats by the week.

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